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On behalf of everyone at Bizy Promotions Ltd, We would like to extend a very warm welcome to you. We would also like to assure you of our commitment to protecting your privacy under the 1998 Data Protections Act. Please read the following carefully, as these are the terms and conditions that you must agree to be bound by, before listing a business on the BizyBiz Premium Directory. If you do not agree to be bound by these rules, you should discontinue any further connection with this website. By continuing to use this BizyBiz website, you will be indicating your unquestioned agreement to follow these conditions and any related laws governing its use.

Terms & Conditions

By agreeing to the following terms & conditions, you will be accepting that all material submitted to this website is suitable for public viewing and Bizy Promotions Ltd will have the authority to make that material freely available to any additional websites which may become solely owned by Bizy Promotions Ltd and that we will have authority to edit any of that material as deemed necessary to satisfy that inclusion. You also accept that any future changes in the Terms and Conditions will become effective immediately upon posting on this website. You are advised, in this respect therefore, to scrutinize this page on regular occasions for possible changes thereof. (Any Changes will be clearly highlighted) Violation of these terms in full or in part may cause Bizy Promotions Ltd to: terminate your use of the website, void any current contract without notice and possibly take legal action against you. Bizy Promotions Ltd reserve the right to immediately remove entries which breach any of these terms & Conditions


We, Us, BizyBiz, bizybiz.co.uk Bizy Promotions Ltd and variants on Bizybiz spelt with either one or two Z’s shall mean Bizy Promotions Ltd. Our/Ours shall mean that stated, printed, claimed, or owned specifically by Bizy Promotions Ltd. You/Your/ Yours, refers to you, the user of our website. User information shall mean, the personal information details provided to us, from you, through our website. Site/Web pages, shall mean Website. Terms, conditions or Rules, shall be interpreted as meaning Terms and Conditions plus all related laws.

Prohibited Content

You agree that you will not use this website in any way to upload, Link to, show, promote, or publicise any, Text, Photo’s, Images, Videos, Events or Behaviour which may be reasonably deemed, Racist, Sexist, Defamatory, Threatening, Harmful, Pornographic, Obscene or otherwise illegal and/or offensive. Bizy Promotions Ltd reserve the right to refuse and to remove any information or images which it considers are not suitable for publication on this website Unauthorised uses of this website including, unauthorised sales, unauthorised linking and /or re-using data found here, for any form of marketing or commercial use, will be followed up by legal action against the perpetrator.

Offensive Material

Any person/s who uploads, posts or sends offensive, inappropriate or objectionable content anywhere on our website or to Bizy Promotions Ltd, or who otherwise engages in any inappropriate behaviour with that regard are hereby forewarned that Bizy Promotions Ltd may use whatever stored information it has available about that person/company or representive, to stop such behaviour. This may involve informing relevant third parties such as their e-mail/Internet provider and law enforcement agencies.

Fair Advertising Policy

In order to be fair to all advertisers using the services of this business directory, members are asked to please avoid posting duplicate listings. Failure to comply with this policy may lead to removal of all offending material from the data base and possible suspension or expulsion from membership.


Links from this site to third party websites are accepted by Bizy Promotions Ltd entirely on trust, they are provided for the convenience of all members and visitors including our clients, advertisers and sponsors. We do not claim to review any linked websites and disclaim any liability for their control or content. Any detrimental loss or damage caused to you as a result of contact with these third party links, must be at your own risk.

Trademarks, Designs and Intellectual Property 'All rights reserved'

You agree that you are not authorised to download, print, copy or duplicate in any manner all or part contents of this site. Bizy Promotions Ltd, logos, trademarks and designs are protected. Any infringements of intellectual Property rights, logo’s trade marks or designs will be pursued with legal action. All material and contents making up this site are Copyright and cannot be reproduced, copied, published or re-used in any form without first gaining explicit permission in writing from Bizy Promotions Ltd for the use intended. Attention is directed to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Privacy Policy

The following statement explains our policy regarding the personal information we collect from you. The information we collect via this website may include: Any personal contact details you submit, such as name, address, email address, etc. What we do with your information Any personal information we collect from you will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other applicable laws. We will treat your information in accordance with current legislation and aim to meet current internet best practice when using your personal information. The details collected will be used to process any payments you might make to Bizy Promotions Ltd and/or to provide you with after sales service and contact. BizyBiz Listings are each charged at a nominal annual fee of £3.67. This payment is processed through PayPal and is refundable only if your business listing is not accepted for publication in the directory.

BizyBiz Directory Membership

In order to become a registered member of the BizyBiz premium directory, you are asked to submit a minimal amount of personal and business contact information, this information is then stored onto our database. After registration, you need only login to your account to be eligible to use the services provided. (Registration is not required to search only) We can assure you that we will not pass on your personal contact information. The only exception to this statement is contained within the following paragraph;

Inappropriate Material

Any person/s who uploads, posts or sends offensive, inappropriate or objectionable content anywhere on our website or to Bizy Promotions Ltd, or who otherwise engages in any inappropriate behaviour with that regard are hereby forewarned that Bizy Promotions Ltd may use whatever stored information it has available about them, to stop such behaviour. This may involve informing relevant third parties such as their e-mail/Internet provider and law enforcement agencies. The UK. Data Legislation Act 1998 applies to any personal information details supplied by you to our site and we will continue to give this our utmost respect.


We use session cookies. A session cookie is a piece of information in the form of a small file generated by a web page server and automatically sent to your computer when you enter our website. It is stored by the browser on your computer, this type of cookie identifies your computer. It stores some basic information that helps recognise if you have visited our website before and avoids the need for you to re-enter personalised information each time you visit our website. You can configure your internet browser to warn you each time a new cookie is about to be stored on your computer so that you may make a decision whether to accept or reject it. However, If you disable or reject cookies, some parts of our website may not function properly. Your internet browser help facility can normally provide you with details for your required settings. Further information on deleting or controlling cookies is available at www.AboutCookies.org Please note: We have no control over third party websites to which you may choose to access from Bizy Promotions Ltd.

Security protection (Credit/Debit Card Transactions)

All credit/debit card transaction information details are processed through a securely encrypted payment system. The BizyBiz directory website acts as a portal only, through which users can be directed to the payment checkout.

Submitting Information

The provider of any Advertisement information, Text, Photographs, or other Images, submitted to the BizyBiz index, shall be deemed to have granted licence to Bizy Promotions Ltd, to copy and publish loyalty free, any and all supplied material onto this and any other website or medium owned by Bizy Promotions Ltd and shall be indemnified by the provider of said material from any and all claims which may be made for costs, damage or liabilities resulting from unauthorised third party infringements.

User Indemnity

Each provider of information and or images placed independently onto any part of this website agrees to indemnify Bizy Promotions Ltd against any claims, damages, costs, losses, expenses or liabilities which BizyBiz incurs as a result of misuse of its website including defamatory statements and copyright infringements by the provider of information placed on it.

No Warranty on Information

Users of this website are strongly advised to contact the service provider directly, regarding the accuracy of descriptions of Products and/or of Services as described, prior to ordering or booking goods or services etc. The contact information for each advertiser can be found on the search results. Each Advertiser is given liberty on trust to place their business information and images without preliminary direct interference. Much of this information can also be self edited at any time. Bizy Promotions Ltd do regular checks to monitor the information placed on the website but can give no warranty that the advertisers information is totally reliable or accurate. Bizy Promotions Ltd do not guarantee the quality of any services, information or products displayed by any advertisement on this website Nor do we endorse or commend the accuracy or reliability of any information, services, products or materials.

Description of Products and Services

We at Bizy Promotions Ltd try to ensure that all Businesses, Trades, Services and Products advertised on this website will appear under the correct and most appropriate category headings. However, Bizy Promotions Ltd, trust advertisers to take as much care as possible, both with the description of their services or products and when selecting categories into which they place their advertisements, in order to avoid the danger of contravening the Trade Description Act of 1968 whereby; “any trade or business must not misrepresent their products or services to the public”. Advertisers should also note that; “Any person acting in the course of a trade or business can be guilty of an offence under the act. This would include Directors, Managers and all levels of Employees” Quote taken directly from the Trading Standards Central Website, Business guidance Leaflets, which can be found here: Trading Standards. Bizy Promotions Ltd are watchful for misplaced advertisements, but cannot guarantee that none will pass unnoticed. We would appreciate information from anyone believing they have spotted any inappropriate advertisements.

Trade Descriptions Act 1968

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that advertisers promoting business Products and/or Services on this website are aware that it is a serious criminal offence to mislead the public by misrepresenting or falsely describing either goods, services or prices, Bizy Promotions Ltd disclaim any liability for their control or content. Any detrimental loss or damage caused to you, as a result of transactions with advertisers must be at your own risk. Bizy Promotions Ltd is not in the position to give legal guidance to anyone in matters of law except to suggest that it is the sole responsibility of each business to be aware of the laws regarding misinformation and misrepresentation. Further information may be sought at the following address: BERR (Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform).

Unclear Advertisement Details

In the event of an advertisement containing information which might appear to be unclear, misleading, doubtful or in any way suspect, we strongly advise users to contact the service provider directly, in order to verify that the information submitted to this website and published, is currently correct before committing to order, purchase, book or travel.

Website Interruptions

The Management and staff of Bizy Promotions Ltd cannot guarantee that our website service will operate continuously without occasional errors or that it will never experience interruptions in its internet connections, sometimes these may be due to essential maintenance, or the introduction of new or improved services. Interruptions may occur due to circumstances which are beyond our control. But we can assure all our users, that problems will be avoided and/or corrected wherever possible with the minimum possible inconvenience. If a fault does occur, please report it to admin@bizybiz.co.uk

Disclaimer for Liability

We try to ensure that any person who wishes to publish their services through this website, www.BizyBiz.co.uk, is legitimate and sincere, by first insisting that that person supplies us with their contact information and can confirm their email address before any advertisement is accepted. However, Bizy Promotions Ltd are not in the position to corroborate that any information supplied to this website is without errors or false. We must emphasise, that in no circumstances shall Bizy Promotions Ltd be liable to you or any other third parties for any loss, damage or inconvenience (including, without limitation, damage for loss of business or loss of profits) arising directly or indirectly from your use of, this site or any of the material, errors or possible falsehoods contained in it. It is the responsibility of the advertiser, to provide valid material on this website and we strongly advise any person proposing to order, purchase or book any service, material or product, or who is planning to attend an advertised event or activity, to exercise caution. Always contact the service provider first, for verification that the information supplied here is currently correct.

Users 16 and Under

Any person aged 16 or under must first obtain permission from a parent or guardian before registering on this website. Users 16 or under are not allowed to provide us with personal information without this consent.

Removal of Advertisements

Bizy Promotions Ltd reserve the right, to remove any business advertisement from the directory, without prior warning, if we feel that any part of our terms and conditions has been contravened.

Cancellation Policy

The application fee is currently £3.67 including VAT. This is a non-refundable fee which covers the reviewing process of the application. Should there be any issues with the information you have provided on your application then we will endeavour to contact you to so that the issues can be resolved. It is your responsibly to make sure that you provide us with a correct email for correspondence (contact by telephone or post will not attempted). We reserve the right to cancel any application without notification and as stated previously within these terms and conditions: Bizy Promotions Ltd will have final decision on the status of applications and continued membership of its members. If you have been accepted into the directory then you may cancel at any point through your user account and we will remove all of your details from our database. Membership will be for 1 complete year from the date of registration (i.e. 1st June until 31st May). To renew your membership the application process will be repeated from your current listing/business details and a request for a application fee will be sought. You are under no obligations to continue after the year.

If you have any issues concerning either this website directly, or with any advertisements on this website please Contact us

Last updated: 31st January 2013